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102 Hernan Lopez | The Journey to Creating the Golden Age of Audio Drama

Hernan Lopez is the Founder & CEO at Wondery, an audio on-demand media network, curating podcasts that tell compelling and fascinating stories. It is Hernan's goal to create a new golden age for audio drama and he discusses how the podcast medium is perfect for this. Hernan has worked in traditional media for the last 19 years and was the former President & CEO of Fox International Channels. Hernan has a lot of wisdom to share on this episode, so listen in for more!

  • 03:50 - Hernan has spent 19 years working in traditional media.
  • 06:10 - It is expected in the podcasting industry that consumers will listen to a podcast from the beginning to the end.
  • 07:00 - Why did Hernan get kicked out of highschool?
  • 10:25 - How has the education Hernan received helped him later in life?
  • 11:55 - Was it hard to transition from Argentina to the U.S.?
  • 14:25 - The most important thing you should learn at home or in school is how to listen.
  • 15:25 - When did podcasting pop up on Hernan's radar?
  • 20:55 - Hernan wants to start a new golden age for audio drama.
  • 23:20 - Who are Hernan's competitors?
  • 24:20 - Audio dramas are expensive to make.
  • 29:15 - What's the criteria to get on Wondery's network?
  • 33:20 - How does Hernan find talent?
  • 34:10 - What does Hernan look for in his team?
  • 36:05 - How important is the team element to Hernan?
  • 39:55 - Does Hernan come from a big family?
  • 40:55 - How behind the curve are Spanish podcasts?
  • 42:40 - A lot of people underestimate just how difficult it is to be behind the microphone or camera.
  • 43:10 - What has Hernan changed his mind about recently?
  • 43:30 - What's the most misunderstood thing about Hernan?
  • 48:20 - What kind of legacy would Hernan like to leave behind?

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/hernan-lopez-interview

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101 Mignon Fogarty | Celebrating 10 Years of Podcasting with Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty is the founder of Grammar Girl and the Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast Network, and teaches media entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Reno. On this episode, Mignon and I discuss some of the consequences of social media, The Elements of Style, and whether there's a right or wrong way to speaking the English language. Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/mignon-fogarty-interview

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100 A Conversation with Chase Reeves

What better way to celebrate episode 100 than to bring back Podcast Junkies guest #1, the inimitable Chase Reeves! http://www.podcastjunkies.com/100

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099 Ryan Gray | Teaching Medical Students How to Survive in a Competitive Industry

Ryan Gray is a former flight surgeon in the United States Air Force and the founder of Medical School HQ. He is the host of The Premed Years Podcast, where he answers questions and interviews other medical professionals/students for his show. Ryan says his main inspiration for starting a podcast came from Pat Flynn. Due to the nature of the job, Ryan also talks about the reason why doctors need to have hobbies outside of the medical industry. There were so many topics covered on this podcast episode as per usual, so be sure to listen in for more!

  • 03:25 - Blab is giving up on us as podcasters.
  • 06:20 - Is Ryan an early adopter of technology? Yes!
  • 07:20 - What does Ryan think about Facebook Live?
  • 09:35 - Ryan considers himself an introvert.
  • 10:25 - Ryan was inspired to podcast by Pat Flynn.
  • 12:50 - Ryan has always been a creator. He loves to create.
  • 13:25 - Not only is Ryan a physician, but he is also a self-taught computer programmer.
  • 15:10 - Do medical student even have 'spare time' for hobbies?
  • 20:10 - What was the first thing Ryan built?
  • 25:00 - Physicians are taught to put others before themselves.
  • 28:00 - A lot of mental energy goes into supporting other people and it is emotionally draining.
  • 29:45 - The air force paid for Ryan's medical school.
  • 31:55 - How did Ryan break down the format for his medical podcast?
  • 34:25 - How has Ryan's interview style matured?
  • 39:45 - Ryan tries to convince everybody he knows into doing a podcast.
  • 42:10 - Medical students believe they have to be competitive in order to become certified.
  • 44:55 - People who go to medical school because their parents wanted them to, are usually sacrificing their happiness.
  • 46:05 - Does Ryan have any listener success stories?
  • 49:15 - What kind of reactions did Ryan's family have about him leaving the medical field?
  • 50:25 - Does Ryan think about the kind of legacy he'd like to leave behind?
  • 53:00 - What's the most misunderstood thing about Ryan?
  • 54:35 - What has Ryan changed his mind about recently?
  • 57:10 - People have a very limited view of vegans. They just eat...grass, right?
  • 01:00:20 - Fun fact, you can actually have a decent Facebook feed if you just block certain people.

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/ryan-gray-interview/

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098 Corey Fineran | Engage With Your Listener One Person at a Time

Corey Fineran is the founder of IvyEnvy.com and the lead host for The Ivy Envy Podcast. He has been a Cubs fan since 1985 and he and his co-hosts discuss the Cubs from a fan perspective on his show. Corey and I talk about a variety of different things on today's podcast, but what I found most interesting are the creative ways Corey and his co-hosts are monetizing the podcasts through meet ups and the use of Patreon. It's definitely worth a listen! Aside from that, we talk about Facebook, fan engagement, and even honey bees!

  • 03:35 - Corey had no idea what he was doing when he first launched his podcast.
  • 06:50 - Corey didn't think about format in the beginning.
  • 10:35 - Corey recommends you host meet-ups even if you know no one will show up, because it gets you comfortable with being out of the studio.
  • 15:15 - What has Corey learned about audio since creating the podcast?
  • 16:25 - It can only get so good when you rely on the internet to record your podcast.
  • 16:55 - Content is more important than audio quality, to a degree.
  • 18:00 - An audience that has been built organically has much more staying power.
  • 18:45 - Corey didn't pay attention to the numbers, because he really enjoyed engaging with the audience, not matter how small it was.
  • 19:15 - It changes your perspective when you look at your download numbers and compare it to speaking to that many people in a room.
  • 27:20 - Does Corey remember a time when he had a connection with a listener that took him aback?
  • 27:50 - Respond to your audience and really take the time to nurture that connection.
  • 28:20 - You have to build your listenership one fan at a time.
  • 31:15 - A majority of Corey's listeners are on Facebook, but he still engages quite a bit with them on Twitter.
  • 33:20 - Corey created a Facebook group for his Patreon supporters.
  • 41:25 - For his sports podcast, Corey does make it clear to everyone that he and his co-hosts are sports fans, not experts.
  • 48:35 - Corey talks about his other podcast, Podcasters' Group Therapy.
  • 53:10 - What is the most misunderstood thing about Corey?
  • 56:20 - When was the last time Corey laughed out loud?
  • 57:35 - What has Corey changed his mind about recently?

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/corey-fineran-interview/

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097 Erik Fisher | Putting on the Iron Man Suit and Shining Beyond the Mic

Erik Fisher is the host of Beyond the To Do List, a show that covers all aspects of productivity, getting good work done, and living a good life. Erik sits down with me on today's show to talk about a little bit of everything, really. We dive into topics that have nothing to do with podcasting, but on top of that, we also learn about Erik's process, how he selects his guests, some of his favorite podcasts, and much more!

  • 04:15 - I wanted Erik on my show long before I personally met him.
  • 04:25 - We're both excited for Podcast Movement.
  • 07:35 - What does Erik think of Marc Maron?
  • 09:40 - What podcasts has Erik listened to that made him rethink how he produces his show?
  • 11:45 - Erik has never missed an episode of Back to Work.
  • 13:15 - Long time listeners have already developed a connection with the host.
  • 14:40 - I really wish iTunes had more insight as to who is subscribed to our podcasts.
  • 15:40 - Has Erik changed someone's life due to his productivity podcast?
  • 16:25 - Why did Erik start his podcast?
  • 19:45 - Has Erik finally made it beyond the to-do list?
  • 21:40 - As Erik started his podcast, who was he following/listening to?
  • 23:15 - Did you know Erik is an introvert? But by being a podcaster, he gets to put on the iron man suit.
  • 23:40 - When Erik was a young kid, he used to pretend to be an interviewer.
  • 25:40 - Are Erik's childhood friends surprised by Erik's career path?
  • 26:30 - Which guests who have appeared on Erik's show have made him nervous?
  • 27:40 - Erik talks about winging it for a particular episode despite prepping heavily for it.
  • 30:00 - Erik had someone come on his show for the third time and he didn't prepare for it at all, on purpose!
  • 31:55 - The podcast is Erik's baby. Erik talks on how he handles people who pitch Erik and how he chooses his guests.
  • 34:25 - By not being picky with your guests, long-time listeners can get turned off by the bad quality.
  • 40:55 - Erik talks about Facebook's algorithm.
  • 43:50 - What does Erik think about newsjacking?
  • 47:15 - Erik does the podcast because he loves it, even when it's hard.
  • 49:15 - What kind of platforms/mediums will exist in the next couple years? Will I be doing videos in the future?
  • 50:30 - Who are some of Erik's comedy heroes?
  • 52:45 - What's left for Erik?
  • 54:25 - Erik is excited to go to conferences like Podcast Movement, because he gets to see his podcast friends!
  • 55:55 - How important is family to Erik?
  • 57:25 - What has Erik changed his mind about recently?
  • 58:50 - The last episode of Game of Thrones was rated 10/10 on IMDB. What?
  • 01:00:25 - What is the most misunderstood thing about Erik?

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/erik-fisher-interview/

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096 Gamertag Radio | The Three Brothers - Danny Pe?a, Peter Toledo, and Parris Lilly

I had the opportunity to interview the Gamertag Radio team at the CBS Radio’s Studio. I sit down with Danny Peña, Peter Toledo, and Parris Lilly to get behind-the-scenes details on Gamertag Radio. We learn about how the guys met each other, how much fun they have doing what they do, and the strong band-of-brothers bond they have for each other.

  • 00:55 - I’m heading to CBS Radio to interview the guys over at Gamer Tag Radio, Danny Peña included.
  • 04:15 - How important is communication for the guys?
  • 06:30 - They’re always in each other’s lives and it’s never forced.
  • 07:05 - The guys talk to each other 24/7 and it’s a unique aspect that they haven’t found with friends who they’ve known for even longer.
  • 08:10 - Parris was a shy person, but by getting to know Peter and Danny, they have helped him get out of his comfort zone.
  • 10:00 - Parris talks about his interview with Aisha Tyler.
  • 16:00 - Danny still feels like he’s a little kid doing these interviews. He’s still having fun.
  • 18:15 - Peter is a father. Has he thought about the conversation he’ll have with his kids on what’s possible for the future?
  • 20:15 - You will fail! Peter had to push this lesson on his daughter as she didn’t want to try new things.
  • 21:35 - When the guys first started Gamertag Radio, they had no experience what so ever.
  • 24:10 - Peter talks about how he met Danny.
  • 29:15 - Do the guys ever feel like the techanology is just moving too fast?
  • 33:15 - Which childhood friend would be surprised that the guys ended up in this line of work?
  • 38:05 - Parris talks on how he personally met Danny.
  • 43:40 - Parris believes the one thing the guys and him have in common is work ethnic.
  • 47:40 - Where did Peter get his work ethnic?
  • 50:30 - What is one thing people don’t know about the guys?

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/gamertag-radio-interview

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095 Rob Lawrence | People Come into Your Life for a Reason, a Season, or for Life.

Rob Lawrence is a podcaster, audio producer, and a certified coach who helps creative entrepreneurs and business leaders embrace the power of sound. He is the host of the Inspirational Creatives Podcast and is dedicated to bringing fresh conversations to your ears. Rob has been a podcast host for the last two years and we discuss the ever-changing creative process that challenges us to create better and more inspiring shows. We break down Rob's interview style as well as his podcast format on today's show.

  • 04:15 - How important is the podcasting community for Rob?
  • 06:50 - When Rob meets someone for the first time from within the podcast community, he feels like he really knows them because he's heard them before.
  • 07:35 - How important is family for Rob?
  • 08:15 - When you surround yourself with positive people, they tend to pull and push you forward.
  • 08:25 - You are the average of the five people you spend your time with.
  • 09:00 - When you surround yourself with successful people, your mindset starts to change as well.
  • 09:55 - This also applies to your salary. Take the average salary of your five closest friends and that's your current salary.
  • 10:45 - Rob always thought he was a creative human being.
  • 11:20 - Who inspired Rob when he was growing up?
  • 13:00 - We could probably do this without the support of our loved ones, but it would be a lot harder to do.
  • 15:15 - It's all about relationships at the end of the day.
  • 15:25 - Rob had been listening to podcasts for years before he started podcasting.
  • 17:15 - It's incredibly important to find your own voice and be different.
  • 17:35 - How does Rob challenge himself to put out great content?
  • 20:50 - Rob mentioned how important it was to listen back to previous episodes and I couldn't agree more.
  • 25:10 - Rob discusses his interview style and how he presents the questions to his guests.
  • 28:50 - Rob tries to find out what are some of his guests' biggest highlights and brings them to light on the show.
  • 30:35 - What was Rob's biggest takeaways from Michael Port's interview?
  • 32:45 - How much prepping goes into Rob's podcast?
  • 33:50 - To get good with your podcast, you just have to practice. There's no other way around it.
  • 36:10 - Challenge yourself to be better and better. Go out of your way to look for opportunities that will challenge you.
  • 41:25 - I get excited when I see that podcasting is becoming more and more common.
  • 46:25 - How did Rob come up with the format for his show?
  • 50:45 - What does it mean to be creative? How do you apply this in an academic setting?
  • 51:35 - Rob talks on how you can change your perspective.
  • 53:25 - What has Rob changed his mind about recently?
  • 58:00 - Think about your podcast in seasons.
  • 59:45 - What's the one misunderstood thing about Rob?
  • 01:00:35 - When was the last time Rob had a good laugh?

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/rob-lawrence-interview

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094 Brandon Beachum | Our Personal Beliefs Create Our Destiny, Journey and Reality

Brandon Beachum is the host of The Positive Head Podcast, a place of inner-discovery, positivity, and mind-expanding news. Brandon and his co-host Dalien discuss some of their favorite quotes, take questions from the audience, and expand on topics of enlightenment on this Mon-Fri podcast; and every Wednesday, Brandon interviews consciousness change-makers. Sit back as today's episode is filled with spirituality and personal discovery.

  • 06:25 - How much prep time goes into each of Brandon's guests?
  • 07:35 - Brandon does five episodes a week.
  • 09:45 - Brandon and I talk podcast equipment.
  • 10:20 - What inspired Brandon to start his own podcast?
  • 14:40 - Brandon talks on how he met his co-host, Dalien.
  • 18:00 - When Brandon and Dalien were in a band, they were definitely ahead of the times.
  • 19:25 - Your current dreams are actually leading you to your true destiny. So don't get too attached to your dreams.
  • 20:30 - The art of living is a delicate balance. You don't always get what you want, but you get what you need.
  • 21:25 - Why did Brandon decide to create a podcast five days a week?
  • 26:00 - Brandon explains what 'soul family' is.
  • 27:10 - After doing this podcast for a year, Brandon's audience has increased quite dramatically.
  • 29:50 - Happiness is a choice and if Brandon can impact one person, he's absolutely happy with that.
  • 32:30 - How does Brandon structure the show?
  • 35:40 - Happiness and positivity requires daily work.
  • 37:30 - Everything you've seen in the world is a reflection of some vibration that you've previously offered.
  • 37:40 - The way through it, even if you don't like it, is to surrender to it and accept it. It leads you here.
  • 38:55 - Brandon talks about his relationship with money.
  • 46:45 - You're the lead actor in your own private movie, so it's about making up the story you want to see more of.
  • 47:40 - We create our reality with our beliefs.
  • 49:40 - Life is happening for you, not to you.
  • 52:20 - People need to get out of their own head sometimes.
  • 54:40 - Understand that whatever is happening is happening for a good reason.
  • 57:20 - Brandon talks about an experience he had with physics.
  • 01:03:00 - There is no right or wrong way. All you have to do is get on the path.
  • 01:04:10 - Brandon talks about religion vs. spirituality.
  • 01:06:20 - What is the most misunderstood thing about Brandon?
  • 01:08:25 - What has Brandon changed his mind about recently?
  • 01:12:20 - What is the meaning of life?

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/brandon-beachum-interview/

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093 Tom Webster | The Delicate Art of Conveying Difficult Subjects in the Form of Storytelling

Tom Webster is a marketing executive and the vice president of Edison Research. He also co-hosts his own podcast, The Marketing Companion, with Mark Schaefer. Tom has been in the broadcast research industry for 25 years and has quite a bit to share on the topics of interviewing, storytelling, and podcast statistics.

  • 05:45 - Tom believes the standards in podcasting have gotten better.
  • 07:25 - How did Tom meet his co-host, Mark?
  • 10:15 - Tom has been in media and broadcast research for almost 25 years.
  • 12:25 - What kind of podcast/radio trends has Tom seen over at Edison?
  • 17:20 - Tom shares some examples of people who are able to make that jump from radio to podcasting.
  • 19:20 - There's a percentage of Millennials who don't know what podcasts are.
  • 21:25 - Podcast discovery is still a huge problem.
  • 22:55 - Tips on increasing your podcast audience: figure out what you're good at.
  • 23:35 - Study the greats.
  • 24:35 - Most things you hear from public media is scripted.
  • 27:00 - Inside jokes do not work well on a podcast.
  • 29:25 - Tom enjoys Jordan Harbinger's interviewing style.
  • 32:30 - What's the best way to present statistics?
  • 36:40 - Tom shares what surprised him the most on The Infinite Dial 2016 report.
  • 41:35 - What should people be thinking about when marketing their podcast?
  • 46:10 - What has Tom changed his mind about recently?
  • 47:25 - What is the most misunderstood thing about Tom?
  • 48:05 - When was the last time Tom laughed out loud?

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/tom-webster-interview/

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