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043 Liz Covart | The Present Always Colors How We View The Past

I first heard about Liz Covart on The Podcast Producers hosted by Jessica Rhodes and Corey Coates. I really liked her take on some of the subjects she talked about on that show and wanted to find out more about her. Liz has a PhD in history and has a lot of interesting things to say about the Founding Fathers and early American history. On the show, we mostly talk about her background, her love for American history, and her podcast, Ben Franklin’s World. There is also a part where we geek out a little bit about Game of Thrones, so spoiler alert! Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Show Highlights

  • 06:30 – Why did Liz start podcasting?
  • 11:15 – Liz talks on why she loves history.
  • 15:40 – What’s one of the weirdest questions Liz has been asked as a historian?
  • 26:15 – Ben Franklin’s World has around 200,000 downloads.
  • 30:55 – Liz talks about John Quincy Adams.
  • 37:00 – Historians are terrible marketers and they’ve stopped taking directly to the public.
  • 47:00 – We geek out on Games of Thrones. Spoiler alert!
  • 54:45 – Liz already has guests booked from now until October for her podcast.
  • 01:03:50 – Even though Liz has a PhD in history, she still gets confused when people address her as Dr. Covart.
  • 01:08:50 – Remember Harry has an ebook out on Amazon!


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042 Jennifer Briney | I Actually Enjoy Reading the Bills, Which Means I’m a Giant Nerd

I first met Jen Briney at New Media Expo and really loved what she’s doing with her podcast. She reviews the bills coming out of the House of Representative and Congress on her podcast. Be warned that this is not a 30 minute show! Jen and I talk about her podcast, how she got started, how she’s monetizing her show, and much, much more. Please feel free to contact either me or Jen if you guys have any ideas on how she can spread the word and increase her listenership.

Show Highlights

  • 03:25 – I really think what Jen is doing is a great service to this country.
  • 09:44 – There’s just so much to talk about what Congress is doing every month.
  • 20:40 – Jen never expected the fossil industry to have the kind of hold that they currently have in Congress.
  • 22:50 – Why is Jen so interested in politics?
  • 32:10 – Not many people Jen’s age is devoted to a specific party.
  • 38:50 – How are American’s really suppose to know what’s going on when the media is just so dreadful?
  • 47:50 – Jen is still optimistic about the US’s political system.
  • 01:07 – Jen uses a donation model for her podcast and does a deeper dive on this subject.
  • 01:00 – What’s so great about the podcast is that Jen has detailed show notes citing all her sources.
  • 01:06 – Jen and I talk about our love for the Joe Rogan podcast.
  • 01:18 – Thanks for listening to the show. I really look forward to the day where Jen is doing the Congressional Dish podcast full time.


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041 John Dennis | Don’t Wait For Others To Open The Door

Harry invites John Dennis on to show to talk about his background and a bit of his life story. John has a lot of upcoming projects he’s excited about and also shares some of his failures on the show. John mentions how he’s ‘too nice’ and because of it people try to take advantage of him and his expertise. He shares to Harry and the audience why he loves internet marketing, how he got started, and setbacks he had to take in order to grow his business.

Show Highlights

  • 01:25 – Harry apologizes for the long intro! Harry plans to launch weekly episodes every Monday.
  • 08:15 – Harry and John started their podcasts right around the same time.
  • 10:45 – How did John get into podcasting?
  • 19:50 – The best way to build trust and rapport is to provide value.
  • 25:05 – You have to always open the door yourself in order to get what you want.
  • 29:30 – How important is fitness to John?
  • 32:50 – John talks about the Procast Player he created specifically for podcasters.
  • 41:10 – John hasn’t released a podcast episode since November 2014.
  • 46:35 – Consistency in a podcast is important, but do not sacrifice quality to achieve that.
  • 50:15 – John thinks he comes off as ‘too nice’ and people will try to take advantage of that.
  • 57:35 – Harry really enjoyed getting to know John a bit better in this interview.
  • 59:55 – You can text PodcastJunkies at 33444 to sign up to the newsletter.


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040 Colin Gray | Plan Your First Ten Episodes Wisely

Colin Gray first started producing podcasts for his university in Scotland in 2007. On the university’s budget, he was able to try out podcasting and somewhere in between he fell in love with the medium. Harry calls Colin a podcast veteran because he was an early adopter to the art and Colin himself loves to produce season or series-based podcasts that are easy to consume. Colin Gray Interview shares some great tips on common mistakes podcasters are making, how he gets regular people to listen to podcasts, and more on today’s episode.

Show Highlights

  • 05:20 – Colin shares a little bit about his background and how he got started in podcasting.
  • 16:08 – Colin moved out of the podcast hosting business because it’s too much hassle for too little money.
  • 23:00 – For PodCraft, Colin prefers the season-based system, because it’s easier to find and consume.
  • 28:15 – The next season of PodCraft will be about how to monetize your podcast.
  • 40:50 – It took Colin 2 days just to create an extremely polished and professional 20 minute show.
  • 45:30 – Biggest beginner podcasting mistakes?
  • 55:30 – Harry recently repurposed some of his shows into an ebook titled Around the Podcast Campfire. Please check it out on amazon.
  • 59:10 – Colin really can’t wait to get his podcast course out into the world and to his audience.
  • 01:00:15 – Colin shares helpful tips on how to get more people to listen to podcasts.
  • 01:06:45 – You can find some great guests just by asking your mutual friends.


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039  Vernon Ross | Pick Your Guests Wisely

In today’s episode of Podcast Junkies, Harry Duran talks to The Social Strategy’s Vernon Ross interview. Together, they discuss the importance of maintaining real life values and sticking with your gut. Despite cries of selfishness, Ross insists on being choosy over who he interviews, and understands totally the way that podcasts and interviews can get you the information you want so that you can further your own learning.

Show Highlights

  • 00:44 – Harry Duran gives some background information about today’s guest, Vernon Ross of The Social Strategy.
  • 05:03 – The way you interact with your guests can lead to a host of other opportunities.
  • 10:07 – Use the skills you already have to get where you want to be – just be adaptable.
  • 17:03 – Setting a deadline makes your goal seem physical, real and possible.
  • 19:36 – Vernon talks about getting started in a world where social media was just beginning.
  • 26:46 – Making money from something that interests you really is possible.
  • 31:02 – Harry and Vernon reminisce about some of the old-school technologies they grew up with.
  • 33:03 – Giving people information directly doesn’t always work. Let them think for themselves.
  • 39:50 – It’s not enough to just be popular in writing. You have to have examples of you speaking.
  • 44:16 – You really do get out all of the effort that you put in.
  • 50:16 – The Clouds and The Dirt; an interesting philosophy by Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • 53:53 – Not everything goes to plan when recording, but work at it.
  • 56:00 – How to set yourself apart as a good interviewer.
  • 59:21 – Further yourself by talking to people who are further than you.
  • 01:02:18 – How is the rest of the year looking for podcasting?


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In today’s episode of Podcast Junkies, Harry Duran talks to The Social Strategy’s Vernon Ross interview. Together, they discuss the importance of maintaining real life values and sticking with your gut. Despite cries of selfishness, Ross insists on being choosy over who he interviews, and understands totally the way that podcasts and interviews can get you the information you want so that you can further your own learning.

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038  Justin Sisley | Choose Lesser-Known Entrepreneurs Every Time

Justin Sisley Interview of Driven to Better Podcast is today’s Podcast Junkie for a very good reason – as an entrepreneur himself, he knows the stresses and challenges, and has chosen to highlight and celebrate the up and coming ideas of other ‘new and noteworthy’ businesspeople. In the episode, he also talks about how to find your niche guests, his own path to becoming an entrepreneur and why maybe he’ll never figure out the iTunes algorithm.

Show Highlights

  • 00:25 – Harry Duran introduces today’s guest, Justin Sisley – host of Driven to Better podcast.
  • 05:00 – What’s the impetus for becoming an entrepreneur?
  • 09:34 – Justin talks about the motivation for choosing lesser-known entrepreneurs as his guests.
  • 13:28 – What are the difficulties linked with guests who have never been on a podcast before?
  • 15:35 – An insight into some ‘interesting’ entrepreneurial ideas!
  • 21:16 – Reddit can be a great starting point for finding guests.
  • 24:35 – You’ve made the effort to network – don’t lose those connections.
  • 29:36 – Does anyone understand how the iTunes algorithm works?
  • 33:17 – There are so many variations of entrepreneurship; why limit yourself?
  • 37:37 – Figure out where to introduce structure to your day and watch your productivity grow.
  • 43:08 – The path to being an entrepreneur definitely isn’t easy or straightforward.
  • 49:52 – Natural-sounding conversations start with a genuine interest in your guests.


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037  Jared Easley | Understand Your Guests and Take Responsibility For Yourself

A self-published book down, a traditionally-published one on the way, a successful podcast and a massively popular podcasting conference, Starve the Doubts’ Jared Easley Interview proves he can put his mind to anything. Recorded live at the 2015 New Media Expo, Easley shares his experiences, thoughts and opinions with Podcast Junkies on topics from figuring out the wonder of diversity, to getting people to support you with no proof, and recognizing potential and giving it a voice.

Show Highlights

  • 00:18 – Harry Duran tells us what to expect from today’s interview with Jared Easley.
  • 03:58 – As a podcaster, you can learn something from anyone and everyone.
  • 05:36 – Jared discusses his experiences during his time in the Navy, and learning about life beyond Alabama.
  • 11:31 – Starve the Doubts places the guests in the forefront and really shows off their personalities and stories.
  • 12:50 – Great content is only half the battle. You need people to find you and listen.
  • 15:12 – Good advice and strong support really helped to build Podcast Movement 2014.
  • 9:08 – It’s always difficult to get people to invest in potential, but not confirmed, success.
  • 1:08 – What are the logistics with organizing speakers for an event like Podcast Movement?
  • 4:12 – Demonstrating his versatility and success, Jared Easley’s published book will be released later this year.
  • 6:50 – Give out enough good energy, and something good has to come back.
  • 9:30 – The future of podcasting is bright and full of promise.
  • 1:18 – If you’re in the Chicago area, look out for Jared at Podcast Chicago on May 23rd.


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036  Ryan Williams | Find Your Podcasting Niche

Ryan Williams Interview as a podcaster takes being astute and conscious to a new level. Host of The Influencer Economy, he is used to analyzing the influence and effects of any number of things on an audience – tie this in with podcasting and you have a guy who understands the importance of establishing a relationship with a guest, sharing that relationship with your audience and learning how to show your interest.

Show Highlights

  • 01.21 – Harry Duran provides some background info on Ryan Williams of The Influencer Economy, who is today’s guest.
  • 05.12 – It takes time to figure everything out in podcasting. Start small and work your way up.
  • 12.10 – Don’t worry if it doesn’t all record perfectly. Listeners appreciate the natural approach and the work you put in to produce your podcasts.
  • 13.56 – Be careful: Your expectations might not always end up as reality.
  • 18.52 – Starting anything new takes a lot of time and energy, so be prepared.
  • 21.31 – Let your podcast develop organically and naturally.
  • 24.21 – The conversation moves to the roots of The Influencer Economy and its beginnings.
  • 30.55 – Podcasting programs aren’t for everybody, but they can be a good way to start and make connections.
  • 32.15 – Harry and Ryan discuss the strains of podcasting when you have a family.
  • 39.43 – Even negative feedback is useful – someone’s taken the time to reach out to you.
  • 46.56 – If you started over, would you keep the same podcast name?
  • 51.46 – People want to listen to conversations where the topics are interesting and the participants are at ease.
  • 57.18 – The limits of podcasting are, quite literally, endless.


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035 Jessica Kupferman | Why A Woman’s Perspective Is Vital In Business And Podcasting

It’s all about providing women with a voice when it comes to this Jessica Kupferman Interview. Host of Lady Business Radio and co-host of She Podcasts, Jessica is your one-stop spot for tips on raising a family while maintaining a business as well as how to use your own personality to draw people in and understand you. This strong-minded woman who knows what she wants proves every day that there are some places where men just aren’t needed.

Show Highlights

  • 00.19 – Harry Duran provides some background about today’s guest, Jessica Kupferman.
  • 02.48 – PRDCNF’s limited audience aims to gather like-minded individuals who are really focused on transforming themselves and their endeavors.
  • 09.13 – Try and do something different, don’t just take a cookie-cutter approach.
  • 13.55 – Whether you fill up for volume or you hand-pick your guests, they’re so important to the content of your podcast.
  • 20.25 – Don’t try to force your content ideas onto guests that can’t talk about those topics.
  • 23.41 – Let people see the real you and they’ll look forward to doing business with you.
  • 30.38 – Jessica considers the differences between how men and women spend their time when children are involved.
  • 33.02 – B-School might be great for you, but they might need to change tactics soon.
  • 35.53 – She Podcasts grew from an idea and a growing community of women podcasters.
  • 38.03 – Jessica’s She Podcasts Facebook group is getting more requests from women every day – Celeste from Huffington Post is just one example.
  • 42.04 – How do you know when to call it a day as a podcaster?
  • 50.54 – Podcasting can teach you a lot about yourself and about how you can find success in this industry.
  • 56.31 – What does the future hold for podcasting?


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034 Kate Erickson | The Woman Behind Entrepreneur On Fire Finds Her Own Podcasting Feet

Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire fame joins Harry Duran to talk about moving on from behind-the-scenes work and stepping into the spotlight herself. Kate Erickson Interview showcases her own topic-based podcast, aptly named Kate’s Takes, and in this podcast she discusses the difficulties of seeing through the doubts and personal challenges, as well as how rewarding and humbling it is when you can overcome any obstacle that gets in your way.

Show Highlights

  • 02:00 – Harry Duran introduces today’s guest, content creator Kate Erickson.
  • 12:16 – Figuring out whether to do a podcast by yourself or through interviews is a very personal choice.
  • 14:24 – Podcasting is an industry that even now, people are only starting to consider as an option for them.
  • 18:15 – So much of being successful is about overcoming the doubts you have and going forward anyway.
  • 20:35 – To improve your skills, you have to listen to yourself the way your audience listens to you.
  • 25:48 – A business can’t rely on just talking into a microphone – the behind-the-scenes work has to be just as strong.
  • 30:54 – The people you interact with can drastically change your perception of yourself and your own ideas.
  • 36:52 – Kate talks about the personal challenges she faces in her line of work, and how to overcome them.
  • 39:55 – If you’re not really being you, there’s no way you’ll stand out as being genuine.
  • 43:19 – There are so many opportunities for podcasters – here’s what the space is looking like right now.


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