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Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast marketing professional, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, and fellow podcaster, Stephen Hart. Stephen is the founder and host of the show, Trailblazers, a podcast that explores stories of successful black professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and corporate leaders. Stephen’s goal is to share stories of black men and women who are doing amazing things within their industries. Stephen is a believer in being authentic and strives to help people discover their true callings.

In this episode, Stephen and Harry discuss Podcast Movement, the conference where they originally met. They talk about the supportive nature of the podcasting community and encourage listeners to attend a podcast conference to share in the experience. Stephen discusses his background and the inspiration behind his podcast, Trailblazers. For Stephen, the success of his podcast isn’t measured by downloads, but rather by engagement and impact. His goal over the next five years is to help and positively affect 10,000 lives. It is Stephen’s hope that this will create a ripple effect and that his deeds will continue to spread. Stephen equates this to planting seeds in a garden he will never see. Finally, Stephen talks about his legacy, which includes being a great husband, father, and overall person.

  • 00:59 – Harry welcomes Stephen Hart to the podcast
  • 01:35 – Stephen’s background
  • 04:26 – How Stephen has raised his children to not be dependent on technology and devices
  • 08:35 – How Stephen wound up living in Maryland
  • 09:01 – Stephen and Harry talk about Podcast Movement, the world’s largest podcast conference
  • 14:43 – Stephen talks about MapCon, the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference
  • 16:42 – Harry’s freestyle rap story from Podcast Movement
  • 20:39 – Stephen encourages all podcasters to attend a podcast conference
  • 21:54 – The importance of bringing a unique perspective to your podcast
  • 24:01 – What inspired Stephen to start his podcast, Trailblazers
  • 28:57 – How Stephen measures the success of his podcast
  • 30:44 – Stephen shares his idea for his next podcast
  • 32:57 – Harry announces the conference he’s been working to launch, Clarion
  • 34:45 – Stephen speaks to his future goals and the positive impact he wants to achieve
  • 41:52 – Stephen’s other projects
  • 46:09 – Stephen advises entrepreneurs to get their products and services out there
  • 48:37 – Where Stephen got his entrepreneurial spirit and hustle
  • 49:50 – Stephen talks about the mentors that influenced his life and career
  • 53:32 – Stephen recalls geeking out when he met Pat Flynn
  • 56:04 – What is something Stephen has changed his mind about recently?
  • 58:09 – Why Stephen’s legacy is important to him
  • 1:00:14 – Stephen talks about an exercise where he posed 32 questions to his father
  • 1:01:47 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Stephen?
  • 1:04:18 – Where listeners can follow Stephen

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Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast CEO of Sound Financial Group and fellow podcaster, Paul Adams. Paul is the founder and host of the show, Sound Financial Bites, a podcast that provides people of all backgrounds with general financial information. Paul’s goal is to provide listeners with non-controversial advice that is tangible and actionable so they can increase their knowledge and allow them to make better-informed decisions.

In this episode, Paul provides an insight into his background, both in the financial services industry as well as his personal life. Paul has always had a very intense and aggressive personality which, combined with a contagious zeal, has shaped Paul’s success. Paul believes in standing up for what you believe in and preaches these same ideals to his children. Paul speaks to the benefits and strength that come from facing adversity and other hardships. Paul and Harry discuss the importance of getting a clear picture of your future goals so you can take the appropriate action. It is Paul’s theory that taking action and cultivating contentment are two key factors for success. By following this strategy, Paul has been able to achieve success in multiple facets of his life. Finally, Paul shares his thoughts on the benefits of podcasting, including one aspect that often goes overlooked.

  • 00:59 – Harry welcomes Paul Adams to the podcast
  • 01:45 – Why Paul decided to start his podcast, Sound Financial Bites
  • 04:20 – Paul recalls the origins of his technology obsession
  • 08:14 – Paul’s love of flying
  • 09:43 – The newfound appreciation Paul felt after experiencing flying lessons
  • 11:36 – How Paul got into the financial services industry
  • 16:02 – Paul’s aggressive approach to life
  • 19:26 – Deciphering which conflicts are worth tilting into  
  • 21:04 – Paul talks about raising his children to stand firm in what they believe
  • 25:07 – The importance of facing adversity and challenges
  • 28:29 – A lesson Paul learned from a former Navy SEAL
  • 31:07 – Paul talks about what it means to ‘live radically within your means’
  • 34:30 – The biggest challenge to living within your means
  • 39:30 – The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, family and friends
  • 41:10 – Paul’s business goal for the upcoming year
  • 44:38 – Spending eighty-three nights in an RV
  • 50:02 – The importance of creating an intention statement in your personal and business lives
  • 53:21 – How Paul has grown as a podcast host
  • 54:42 – Paul gives his opinion on the most difficult part of podcasting
  • 56:32 – One person who has been a true inspiration to Paul
  • 58:39 – What is something Paul has changed his mind about recently
  • 1:03:21 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Paul
  • 1:05:36 – Where listeners can follow Paul
  • 1:06:21 – Paul shares one last thought on podcasting

Full show notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/184

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Every single item that surrounds us has a story behind it. Have you ever wondered about the history behind bubble gum, balloons, Kit Kats, mustaches, or Betty White? If so, you’re in luck as I welcome to the podcast author and fellow podcaster, Emily Prokop. Emily is the creator and host of the hit podcast, The Story Behind, which tells the extraordinary history of seemingly ordinary objects, places, and people. The Story Behind was nominated for The Academy of Podcasters’ Awards in 2017 and has been repurposed into a book of the same name.

In this episode, we talk about the process of podcasting. With a background in editing and journalism, Emily speaks to how she was able to transfer this skillset to become a successful podcaster. Harry and Emily share their own stories of challenges and obstacles they have faced, including building an audience one listener at a time. Emily discusses the wide variety of topics she covers on her podcast and the creative process she utilizes to come up with fresh and exciting ideas for every show. Finally, Emily chronicles the genesis of her book, The Story Behind and details the journey by which she transformed her podcast into a hit book.

  • 00:53 – Harry welcomes Emily to the podcast
  • 04:13 – Emily’s educational background
  • 06:20 – The decision to start The Story Behind podcast
  • 10:55 – What Emily and Harry like most about podcasting
  • 13:26 – Emily’s first podcasting event
  • 18:21 –Leveraging a journalism background to become successful at podcasting
  • 20:35 – Emily recalls meeting and networking with other podcasters at Podcast Movement
  • 23:29 – How the podcasting community has provided Emily with support and inspiration
  • 25:26 – Building an audience one listener at a time
  • 27:49 – The importance Emily places on researching and preparing for her podcasts
  • 30:53 – Emily recalls recording her first few episodes and worrying that they were too short
  • 35:31 – How Emily comes up with the eclectic topics that her podcast covers
  • 39:19 – The genesis of Emily’s book, The Story Behind, based on her podcast
  • 43:34 – Emily describes the overall experience writing a book
  • 46:12 – What is something Emily has changed her mind about recently?
  • 47:04 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Emily?
  • 52:20 – Where listeners can follow Emily

Full show notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/183

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Mark Bologna was born and raised in New Orleans but had moved away by the time Hurricane Katrina hit. He and his wife decided to move back after the storm. Years later, Mark was searching for an idea to base a podcast on, and decided to create “Beyond Bourbon Street,” a view of the New Orleans he’s loved for years. Mark met with me, ironically on the anniversary of Katrina, to discuss his podcast. We talk about the effect of the hurricane on New Orleans, and how the community has grown from the disaster.

We talk about Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and how it differs from people’s assumptions. We discuss capturing the different locations of New Orleans. Finally, we discuss capturing our loved ones’ memories on a microphone before it’s too late.

Full show notes: http://pjnk.es/182

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Kevin Halbrook and Jaime Ryan heard their local bar, Egan’s was closing. They both realized that they did not want the stories people made there to be lost. They set up a table to record at, and opened the mic up for the bar regulars to tell their tales.

I am so happy to welcome Kevin and Jaime to the show. We go over how Egan’s came into their lives, and what inspired them to record the bars stories. We discuss the equipment they bring, and how they chose which stories to share. Finally we discuss how the podcast affected their community, and their lives.

  • 02:00 - what inspired the Duo to create the podcast?
  • 09:15 - How Jaime found Egan’s
  • 11:00 - How the pair went about recording in Egan’s
  • 14:00 - How they chose which stories to publish
  • 15:30 - The gear they bring to Egan’s
  • 21:15 - How Jaime and Kevin met
  • 23:30 - How Kevin and Jaime work well together
  • 25:00 - The bargoers reactions to the podcast
  • 26:30 - The other podcasts Kevin listens to
  • 29:30 - The vast array of people interviewed at bars
  • 33:00 - The new owner of Egan’s
  • 42:30 - Kevin’s return to Egan’s

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Kevin-Halbrook-interview

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Amy Porterfield is a very successful entrepreneur and marketer. Although her early years were rough, she came out on top. Now, with her podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy,” she hopes to inspire the next generation.

I am very excited to interview Amy. We discuss how Amy broke into podcasts, and the people she met since then. We talk about Amy’s success, and the arduous path to get there. Finally, we talk about how Amy has been inspired, and who she hopes to reach with her podcast.

  • 03:00 Recording podcast with video
  • 07:30 How Amy got into podcasting
  • 10:00 People Amy has met through podcasting
  • 14:00 Amy’s family
  • 17:50 How Amy’s friends helped her through some big shifts in her career
  • 20:00 Looking back at Amy’s success
  • 22:00 Finding the right intentions
  • 24:50 The mistakes Amy made
  • 27:00 The amount of planning that goes into Amy’s episodes
  • 30:00 Where did Amy’s passion originate?
  • 32:00 Someone who inspired Amy
  • 35:30 The reach and impact of Amy’s podcast
  • 38:15 The value of Amy’s friendships
  • 41:40 Amy’s Photoshoot
  • 43:00 Talking about weight loss

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Amy-Porterfield-interview

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Despite having cerebral palsy, Win Charles has never let it stop her. In fact, it inspired her to become a co-host of the podcast “Our Fractured Minds.” The podcast seeks to help people struggling with mental health issues lead better lives. She also has her own podcast “Ask Win,” where she has in depth interviews with a variety of people.

I am truly humbled to have Win as my guest. I ask her what inspired her to take the plunge into podcasting, and how her disability affected her. We talk about Win’s love for nature, especially rock climbing. Finally, I ask Win to offer some foresight into where the podcasting community will go in the future.

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Win-Charles-interview

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Jules Hannaford is an interesting woman. For the past 18 years she has been living in Hong Kong, despite being a natural born Australian. She wrote a book titled “Fool Me Twice,” detailing her dangerous experiences in the online dating scene, and how others can avoid what happened to her. For nearly a year now, she has hosted the podcast “Hong Kong Confidential,” interviewing interesting Hong Kong denizens about the ins and outs of the city.

I was lucky enough to interview Jules for this episode. She told me about the various podcasts that inspired her to create her podcast. She talks about how Chinese culture views mental health and sexuality, and how they’ve adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Finally Jules shares with me how she finds her guests, and where she hopes she will wind up in the future.

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Jules-Hannaford-interview

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Craig Price was already a veteran of the podcast industry with his 7-year long Reality Check Podcast when he set out with his co-host Alan Cerny to create Matinee Heroes. Together, they explore the world of movies. An episode might include a discussion on a classic film, a review of a more recent one, or how they would recast certain movies.

I am very excited to welcome Craig to my podcast. Over the course of the episode, we geek out about various movie facts. Craig also talks to me about how certain movies captured the upbringings of children from that era and how different childhood is today. We then discuss how to recast actors in classic movies and how that process works. Finally, we both discuss why we did or did not want co-hosts, and the experience of guesting on someone else’s podcast.

  • 01:15 – How Harry met Craig
  • 02:10 – The first podcast Craig listened to
  • 05:00 – The movies that inspired Craig’s movie craze
  • 08:40 – The origin story of Matinee Heroes
  • 10:30 – The content of Matinee Heroes
  • 15:00 – How movies can be a snapshot of childhood
  • 20:00 – The importance of failure in childhood
  • 24:00 – The Battle of the Network Stars
  • 26:20 – The schedule of Matinee Heroes
  • 27:45 – Craig’s favorite movie villain
  • 30:00 – Craig’s experience as a panel host
  • 32:00 – Craig’s previous podcast
  • 35:00 – Recasting actors in classic movies
  • 40:00 – Advice for people who want a co-host
  • 44:00 – Guesting on other podcasts
  • 46:45 – The Lost in Space reboot
  • 48:00 – Personality vs. attitude
  • 49:30 – Craig’s thoughts on Deadpool

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Craig-Price-interview

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We do not often have the opportunity to form friendships with those who have had a life as challenging and rewarding as Aviv Shahar. At a young age, a doctor diagnosed Aviv with a heart disease and told him to avoid strenuous activity. He responded to this diagnosis by winning Israel’s long-distance running championship at the age of 13. Later in his life, he became an air force pilot, and then started a very successful consulting business.

In this episode, I speak with Aviv about his youth, and how winning that race changed him. We then talk about how we are currently experiencing a “Third Big Bang,” according to Aviv. Finally, we discuss how hosting a podcast has helped him not only with his consulting, but mentally as well.

  • 02:30 Why did Aviv start his podcast?
  • 05:20 The themes of Aviv’s show
  • 07:30 The “third Big Bang”
  • 14:00 Below-the-line conversations
  • 17:30 The Fifth Dimension
  • 20:00 The architecture of learning
  • 22:20 Where did Aviv’s ideas originate?
  • 25:00 Aviv’s heart condition, and how he overcame it
  • 35:00 The three-legged journey into mastery
  • 39:00 People Aviv considers mentors
  • 43:00 How Aviv became a pilot
  • 45:35 How his podcast has helped Aviv
  • 55:15 How Aviv has expanded his mind recently

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Aviv-Shahar-interview

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