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014 Tysen Webb | How Podcasts Are Outdoing Radio For Programming

In this Tysen Webb interview, this radio DJ with over 20 years of experience, demonstrates how you can find your calling early in life and work hard to make it a reality. He's a truly entertaining and very energetic personality, who's now taking his experience into the podcasting realm.

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013 Jesse Lawler | A Lifelong Adventurer & Curiosity Seeker Wants To Make You Smarter

In this Jesse Lawler Interview, we discuss how this app developer took his interest in nootropics to create a podcast called Smart Drug Smarts. He interviews (literally) the smartest minds around on the topic of neurology, brain health, and overall mind fitness. He's a truly genuine and fun guy, and is having the time of his life.

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012 Daniel J. Lewis | It's Very Easy To Fall Into Those Ruts Of What We Assume To Be True

Continuing with yet another podcast pioneer, we get to speak with someone who started their first podcast back in 2007. With his clean comedy podcast, The Ramen Noodle, Daniel dipped his toe in the podcast waters, and never looked back. He runs the Noodle.mx network and is also the host of the award-winning show, The Audacity to Podcast. This Daniel J. Lewis interview is full of energy and his enthusiasm is contagious. What a great ambassador for podcasting.

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