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011 Erik Paquet | How To Fly To Brazil For $60

Erik and AJ are hosts of the Abroaders Podcast. This niche show covers the ins and outs of what's known as travel hacking. It's the concept of leveraging credit card miles bonuses, through an efficient use of timing and research,  to travel around the world for pennies on the dollar. Each week they break down a new concept and provide up to date news on offers and tweaks that you can use. Essential travel info on this Erik Paquet Interview.

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010 Chris Chidgey | He Knows Mobile Apps & Likes Working Smarter, Not Harder

In the words of Chris himself, he is "utterly unemployable". Hear how he ended up practically self-sabotaging his interviews when he realized corporate life was not in his plans anymore. We talk about his successes with mobile app portfolios, the importance of getting out of the way, and new ventures on the horizon.

Show Highlights

  • 02:25 - The voice of mobile on Dynamite Circle
  • 05:30 - Internet marketers as used car salesmen
  • 11:15 - You are the average of your 5 closest friends
  • 13:45 - Suits as the uniform of an employee
  • 15:00 - Was Chris sabotaging his interviews on purpose?
  • 19:15 - We all should strive to be experts at one thing
  • 20:45 - Why WP Curve for your Wordpress site is a no-brainer
  • 24:00 - Why automation is so important
  • 25:10 - The importance of Standard Operating Procedures
  • 26:20 - Go on vacation and see what breaks
  • 27:00 - Why you shouldn't fall in love with your idea
  • 29:45 - Why "Pick Your Brain" is code for free consulting
  • 30:20 - The origins of the App Business Podcast
  • 35:25 - Why you should ensure your podcast is actionable
  • 38:10 - Take your podcasts seriously and do your research
  • 41:55 - The continued importance of a mastermind group
  • 44:50 - Venting a bit on the app re-skinning game
  • 51:50 - The importance of partnering up with trusted friends
  • 55:05 - How Chris and David go about getting guests for the show
  • 57:40 - The first shows will always suck, so just launch!
  • 61:50 - The podcasts Chris started listening to at the beginning
  • 63:10 - A new SAAS product in the works

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009 Chris Cerrone | This Guy is Ridiculously Real and Genuinely Loves Podcasting!

If you're up for a rambling yet entertaining discussion on not just podcasts, but Vegas, public speaking, hipsters, Gatorade Gum, Howard Stern and the story of how Chris has built up his show to a top position in iTunes, then you're definitely in for a treat. Chris Cerrone shows us why his hosting style is a breath of fresh air in a sea of mediocrity.

Show Highlights

  • 01:45 What the hell is a stinger anyways?
  • 10:15 What is it that draws you to a show?
  • 11:45 Chris' ode to Michael O'Neal
  • 14:50 Podcasters' obsession over New & Noteworthy
  • 16:05 Measuring time in podcasting years
  • 17:35 "Numbers ain't gonna put food in my kids' stomachs"
  • 20:05 Once upon a time, Chris was a real estate agent
  • 22:45 The evolution of Chris' speaking style
  • 23:50 How many people at New Media Expo are still podcasting?
  • 25:30 Chris is the co-dependent and says stop with the nonsense
  • 26:20 A lot of people don't credit themselves with what they can accomplish
  • 31:20 Podcasting has changed Chris' life, and this is why
  • 37:50 The emergence of the trademark 'bluegeno' t-shirt!
  • 39:50 Why managing e-mail is not his best use of his time
  • 44:50 Why Vegas' location makes it conducive to having guests Live in the studio
  • 49:30 The awesomeness of video and in-studio guests
  • 51:40 Chris loves Fizzle + Chase Reeves
  • 56:00 Why Chris is a fan of Podcast Junkies
  • 56:50 Why Chris is making it a point to find his own voice
  • 58:20 Why Chris is a fan of Howard Stern and Lady Gaga
  • 60:15 The origins of 'The Chris Cerrone Show' name
  • 62:50 Why Chris wants to fail fast and fail often
  • 65:30 The importance of having your own audience
  • 68:10 Chris is now consulting as a result of podcast success
  • 71:05 Why Chris feels like MacGyver
  • 72:50 A shout out to Gatorade for sponsorship
  • 75:20 Where are the hipsters in Vegas?
  • 77:05 Wanna get Chris fired up? Talk about Vegas
  • 78:40 Memories of when the Mob ran Vegas
  • 81:45 A little bit of a hipster rant
  • 83:15 Any idea what episodes 50-100 looks like?
  • 93:45 The importance of rating and reviewing podcast episodes

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/9

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008 James Schramko | Surfs The Waves & Create Successful Businesses

James Schramko is no stranger to those in the internet marketing space. As an astute student of some of the best early internet marketers, he has taken what he has learned and built upon it to create the Super Fast Business empire. An ardent proponent of what he's coined 'Owning the Racetrack', James truly shines at testing and tweaking all aspects of his business. He has used that approach to launch not just one, but 5 podcasts! He's got the process down to a science, and focuses his time on the tasks that only he is good it, ensuring that the remaining repeatable processes are outsourced, for maximum efficiency!

Show Highlights

  • 4:58 - Challenges when podcasters achieve fame early and the importance of recurring income
  • 5:58 - Why time is a harsh teacher
  • 6:58 - Like most markets there's only room at the top for a few strong performers
  • 7:30 - When did James understand the importance of recurring income
  • 9:00 - Why it's so important to segment your audience
  • 10:17 - The great thing about online is the immediate feedback and frequency of communication
  • 11:45 - How successful marketers make the best use of tracking behavior
  • 14:00 - How James understood the importance of frequent podcasting
  • 16:30 - Why James is currently high on podcasting
  • 17:15 - How James was able to write his upcoming book without typing a single word
  • 18:00 - Why James has fun with controversy on his podcasts
  • 19:05 - Why the importance of spending more time with a guest ensures you know them better
  • 20:15 - Why James is definitely not a Joe Rogan fan
  • 21:15 - Why comedy is good for engaging as well as entertaining
  • 22:10 - The launch of the Kicking Back podcast
  • 23:40 - Why it's important to be vulnerable and let yourself grow
  • 26:20 - The best device you have is the one you have in your pocket
  • 27:50 - Why you should never miss a moment to create content and importance of frequency
  • 29:40 - Why it's easier to get away with more cheese
  • 31:10 - The importance of being open to new experiences
  • 31:40 - James has only been surfing for 3 months but you never would have guessed it
  • 33:20 - When your obsessed by something you want to know it back to front
  • 35:30 - Why it's OK and important to keep falling flat on your face
  • 36:30 - How each podcast scratches a unique itch
  • 38:55 - James does only the work that James can do
  • 40:00 - The importance of making yourself redundant
  • 42:10 - 4% of the things you do will get you 64% of the results
  • 45:40 - The importance of community

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/8

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PJ007 Elsie Escobar Is a True Podcasting Pioneer, Yoga-Pro & Libsyn Advocate! | Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar is the host of Elsie's Yoga Class Live podcast and might be better known to podcasters as the host of The Feed, the official Libsyn podcast. She's the Social Media Community Manager at Libsyn, and is a true podcasting pioneer. As one of the first women to host a yoga podcast waaaaaayyyyy back in 2006, she's seen and experienced a lot in this world. I was pretty excited to snag this interview and her passion for podcasting comes through loud and clear. I can't think of a better spokesperson. Listen closely for the guest appearance by Elsie's daughter! Elsie's enthusiasm is contagious, enjoy!

Show Highlights

  • 5:50 - How long did Elsie teach yoga prior to podcasting?
  • 6:55 - Elsie's surprise guest!
  • 8:40 - Elsie gets obsessed with podcasting from the very beginning
  • 9:50 - Who taught Elsie everything she knows?
  • 12:00 - The podcasting scene in southern California
  • 13:10 - Elsie as the first female yoga podcaster!
  • 14:30 - How she hit almost 70,000 downloads monthly with ZERO promotion
  • 17:40 - Why the yoga podcast is more a labor of love and why monetizing didn't feel right
  • 18:50 - Why she doesn't receive the typical email letters from her fans
  • 21:30 - Why her approach is so freeing and detailed show notes
  • 24:30 - The benefits of the yoga podcast
  • 26:20 - Which episodes are best to start with on the podcast?
  • 28:00 - When did Elsie get introduced to Rob Welch for the first time?
  • 30:20 - Elsie joins the Libysn team (Libysn version 2!)
  • 31:40 - The slow and steady growth of podcasters joining Libsyn
  • 32:40 - There's so MUCH more to podcasting then what the new shows are coming up with and why she's NOT cool with it!
  • 34:05 - Why she originally listened to entrepreneurial podcasts, but has returned to her original favorites
  • 38:30 - Why it's important to mix up the podcasts you listen to
  • 40:45 - What's the next wave of podcasting going to look like?
  • 43:45 - How long before most podcasters give up?
  • 44:30 - There's a sustaining aspect to podcasting that most folks can't handle
  • 46:30 - Why your guest has to be just as involved as the host!
  • 48:00 - It's not just you taking it serious, it's setting the foundation for others to take it seriuosly as well
  • 50:30 - Why the growth of podcasting is not going to stop anytime soon
  • 55:30 - Details about The Feed - the official Libsyn podcast

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/7

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006  John Lee Dumas is Indeed an Entrepreneur on Fire! | John Lee Dumas

In this interview with John, we get a little more relaxed, away from the standard Q&A and dig into how this podcast rock star got his start. He explains how his nature and military training prepared him for this moment. We learn the origins of the Dumas name and key takeaways on how his mindset puts him in a position to succeed.

Show Highlights

  • 2:30 - The Birth of Podcast Junkies
  • 4:40 - What happened at 3am at the Cosmo in Vegas?
  • 5:50 - Talk radio is brutal and enough with the Miley Cyrus already!
  • 7:10 - Even non-OCD people are 'completists' when it comes to podcasts
  • 9:11 - What were the origins of John's need for control and discipline?
  • 10:50 - John's studio time and how he books his 8 Monday interviews
  • 11:30 - The benefits of standing during podcast interviews and France.
  • 13:35 - Being a recognized podcast voice can be creepy, but this is why it's actually not
  • 14:22 - Entrepreneur on Fire is actually coming out in French!
  • 16:00 - What are the similar tendencies of successful entrepreneurs
  • 17:14 - The Key Thing everything should be focusing on first.
  • 17:34 - What is John's avatar?
  • 18:21 - The most important step John took as an entrepreneur
  • 18:51 - Who's been on John's San Diego couch lately?
  • 19:38 - When does the Imposter Syndrome disappear?
  • 21:15 - What is John's broader picture down the road and the birth of Webinar on Fire
  • 23:45 - 'Gradual' is a relative term
  • 24:40 - Is it important to spread the 'podcasting gospel' far and wide?
  • 26:05 - Why does John do what he does?

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/6

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