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William Hung made a huge splash in 2004 at his audition for American idol. Since then, he has turned his 15 minutes of fame into a successful career as a life coach, and Podcaster. His podcast, From Fear to Courage, seeks to help others overcome their fears in everyday life. In this episode, Harry talks to William about his life before and after American Idol, What inspired him to do podcasts, and advice for those seeking to make their own podcasts.

  • 1:05 - The journey from American Idol to podcasting.
  • 8:00 - Other jobs William has worked.
  • 10:25 - Williams first experiences with podcasts.
  • 11:35 - How the format of From Fear to Courage came to be.
  • 13:30 - How other podcasters helped William improve.
  • 17:25 - When did William decide to start becoming a life coach?
  • 18:50 - What kind of people has William helped?
  • 21:25 - What would William view as “done?”
  • 22:20 - Advice for William .
  • 25:00 - future podcast conferences.
  • 27:00 - Williams advice for new podcasters.
  • 30:00 - Wrap up questions.

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Denny is the host of Diz Runs Radio. At the time he started he already had a show. Both shows were going for about a month, and he then decided to stop his first show and stick to his running show,. He’s now recorded over 500 episodes, and routinely takes calls on his run from his FB group. It was a pleasure having him back on a 2nd time to share what he’s learned and talk about his new book: Be Ready on Race Day.

  • 01:14 - The first time I had Denny on Podcast Junkies
  • 02:04 - Seeing the progress of your work throughout the years
  • 04:02 - Putting in the work each day to have success
  • 05:34 - The first time we met face to face
  • 06:27 - What was going through his mind when he decided he wanted to start his show
  • 09:55 - The realities of monetizing a podcast
  • 10:57 - Building a client base through his podcast
  • 13:58 - How it takes time to see the results of your podcasting work
  • 16:35 - If he thinks TV studios will start working more with podcasters
  • 18:35 - How he’s grown as an interviewer over the past three years
  • 22:58 - If it’s been a challenge getting his guests acclimated to the tech side of podcasting
  • 25:39 - His most memorable guests/episodes
  • 29:05 - What he’s done to try and get Peter Segel on his show
  • 30:22 - His community and how he’s grown it over the years
  • 36:30 - The book he’s working on
  • 42:56 - Getting feedback on the work all content creators put out
  • 45:23 - If he’s seen any change in my delivery and journey over the past four years
  • 50:32 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 55:34 - The one most misunderstood thing about him

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After 10 plus years as a television news reporter, Erica Mandy decided to quit her job and pursue a career in podcasting. After discovering podcasts while commuting to work each day, she realized she wanted to listen to news that wasn’t so much in the style of NPR, but still gave her a good overview and left her feeling energized instead of depleted. With her journalism background and extensive television broadcasting experience, she took the skills she learned in the studio and applied them to podcasting.

Now Erica is the host of her own show, The News Worthy, where in less than 10 minutes you can listen to the news in a fun and easily digestible way. (Sorry NPR) Her goal is to keep more people informed so that they can choose what impacts them the most and decide what topics they would like to dive deeper into.

  • 04:57 - Where I met Erica
  • 07:31 - Overcast app
  • 08:38 - The first time she became aware what was happening in the podcasting world
  • 09:44 - When she first got the idea to start a news podcast
  • 11:55 - If she considers being a reporter entrepreneurial
  • 14:19 - The feedback she received on leaving her job and starting a podcast
  • 15:42 - How many iterations of her podcast music she went through
  • 19:06 - The goal of Newsworthy
  • 20:24 - How the different jobs she did as a news reporter helped her with podcasting
  • 22:13 - Whether or not journalism students have reached out to her to intern
  • 25:03 - The process she uses to sort and select which stories to report on
  • 26:21 - One of the things she dislikes about TV news that she avoids on her show
  • 28:09 - How she emphasizes reminding her audience on topics that have been previously covered to ensure they understand it
  • 29:16 - The Net Neutrality spoof from Burger King
  • 32:26 - If she thinks she will start offering coaching services in the future
  • 34:14 - If she ever got attached to the subject matter she used to report on
  • 36:40 - Bringing on experts from different perspectives and backgrounds
  • 42:27 - The mentors who were important to her during her career in journalism
  • 48:26 - The support she’s received from her parents
  • 52:26 - Something she’s changed her mind about recently
  • 52:56 - The most misunderstood thing about her

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When Travis Chappell decided to take a leap of faith and attend John Lee Dumas’s mastermind course where he spent a few days with him at his home in Puerto Rico, he underwent a mindset shift that changed the trajectory of his life and career. With the help of John and his mentor, Jeff Brown, Travis has gone on to to become a successful entrepreneur and podcaster.

His podcast, Build Your Network, focuses on teaching people how to build and grow long lasting, invaluable relationships by hearing from successful professionals who share their tips and tricks on expanding your network and meeting the individuals who can help you succeed in your life.

  • 04:18 - Travis sums up his podcasting experience in three words
  • 04:38 - What the hardest part of podcasting has been for him
  • 05:43 - How he connected with John Lee Dumas
  • 11:28 - The mindset shift he had while doing John’s mastermind that led him to where he is today
  • 15:13 - If he thought from the beginning that doing a show on networking would be the best fit for him
  • 19:29 - If he feels he’s gotten better at interviewing
  • 21:52 - How he ended up doing door to door sales
  • 24:26 - Why he believes he was so successful at door to door sales
  • 30:56 - The story of the first time he sold an alarm system
  • 32:18 - Where he gets his work ethic from
  • 38:47 - The problem he recently ran into with guests he booked for his show and how it turned out
  • 41:26 - The five minute rule he tries to live by
  • 45:00 - A relationship he’s had with a mentor that stands out to him
  • 51:09 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Travis-Chappell-interview

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Drew Ackerman wants to help you fall asleep. Think of him as the Sandman of podcasting except that instead of sprinkling sand in your eyes he’s sprinkling hour long stories in your earbuds with his slow, droning voice so you can get your much needed rest and relaxation.

Drew describes his podcast, Sleep with Me, as a bedtime story podcast for grown ups and thanks to his hard work and dedication, he’s been helping insomniacs find the priceless sleep they’ve been craving. After discovering podcasts in 2005, he took the plunge and launched Sleep with Me in 2013, making him the last voice many people hear before they doze off for the night. With a head spinning amount of podcast downloads per month and the perfect sponsor to boot, Sleep with Me is evidence of just how impactful podcasting can be.

  • 03:21 - The importance of podcast conferences for him
  • 05:16 - What people believe he looks like when they hear his voice
  • 06:48 - The first time he discovered podcasts
  • 08:03 - When he first started dabbling with podcasting
  • 09:16 - What he did to learn the craft of podcasting
  • 10:20 - His aha moment when he decided to start his Sleep with Me podcast
  • 13:22 - If he’s always had a creative streak
  • 14:21 - The family dynamic growing up with five siblings
  • 15:39 - Who he thinks is the most surprised at where he’s ended up in life
  • 17:06 - When he realized his podcast was starting to get attention
  • 21:37 - The importance of promoting your content
  • 22:38 - When people outside of the podcasting space started taking notice of his show
  • 26:05 - The nicest pieces of feedback he’s received so far
  • 27:57 - When he started having conversations with sponsors
  • 29:14 - If Casper mattresses (his show’s sponsor) are really comfortable
  • 30:11 - How he landed Casper as a sponsor
  • 31:55 - Other shows that have copied the Sleep with Me model
  • 32:56 - Who he looks to for guidance
  • 36:39 - My experience interviewing Lea Thau
  • 38:15 - The podcasting heroes he’s had a chance to meet
  • 40:12 - His experience at PodCon
  • 41:43 - If podcasting has helped him become less introverted
  • 44:24 - Connecting on a deeper level through podcasting/podcasts
  • 47:25 - The insight he’s gained through Apple’s new podcasting stats
  • 48:40 - The one most misunderstood thing about him
  • 49:18 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 52:43 - The story behind his Twitter handle


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To the day it's been 4 years since I released Episode Zero. This episode was a look back at the impact the show has made in my life and a celebration of the lifetime friends I've made as a result. Enjoy my walk in the park!


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For 11 years, Jordan Harbinger was host of The Art of Charm podcast where he interviewed notable A-list celebrities and influential personas such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss. Now, as he begins to forge a new path with his new podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan is aiming to provide his listeners with an even richer, higher quality podcast experience than he’s ever given before.

The goal of his show is for every episode to solve a problem or give the listener something they can apply right away. Jordan is masterful and extremely adroit at interviewing and his meticulous and methodical style of preparing for each guest is just one of the things you will learn from listening to this episode. Sit back and get ready to jot down all the gems Jordan is about to drop in your ears.

  • 07:34 - Interviewing A-list celebrities
  • 09:46 - How he takes control of his interviews
  • 12:28 - His experience in radio and how it’s helped him with podcasting
  • 14:00 - If he thinks about what his audience wants when he’s conducting his interviews
  • 15:36 - Guest vetting and prep to avoid having a boring interview
  • 17:32 - Why the amount of preparation and research is so important to him
  • 20:52 - John Corcoran and what he taught Jordan
  • 23:35 - Rebuilding his new show from the ground up
  • 25:49 - Trust, feeling thankful, and his appreciation for the people who are helping him
  • 29:00 - Getting back into the swing of things by having conversations on the mic
  • 31:11 - If it was strategic to have attorneys as the first couple of guests on his show
  • 31:45 - His interview with Bill Browder
  • 33:52 - Using Scopolamine, a mind-controlling drug, to wage crimes in South America
  • 34:51 - The important role his producer, Jason plays on the success of the show
  • 37:18 - The Jordan Harbinger Show team
  • 37:57 - The story of when he met Jason
  • 39:33 - Why it was important to keep Feedback Friday on his show
  • 42:15 - Jordan’s advice on interviewing and what he does to prepare
  • 47:16 - The important role his family plays while he rebuilds his brand
  • 50:46 - Something he's changed his mind about recently
  • 52:17 - The one most misunderstood thing about him

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/jordan-harbinger-interview-2/

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Suzy Buttress is host of The Casual Birder podcast and has a deep love and appreciation for all types of birds. Having recently launched her podcast in November 2017, Suzy set out to share the wonder and excitement of watching wild birds in their natural habitat by sharing her experiences about the birds she’s seen in the UK and other parts of the world with people just as passionate about bird watching.

I was fascinated when I learned about Suzy’s podcast through a serendipitous Twitter thread I came across and reached out to her to invite her on the show. With her elegant and soothing English accent coupled with her passion for birds, Suzy is sure to delight even the most casual birder.

  • 05:10 - How I found out about Suzy’s podcast
  • 06:24 - When her interest in birdwatching started
  • 08:27 - Why she calls herself a casual birder and why she started her podcast
  • 11:03 - Birdwatching as a form of meditation
  • 11:58 - Suzy explains the format, content, and style of her show
  • 14:00 - The type of guests she’s had on the Casual Birder
  • 16:43 - The generosity of the podcasting community
  • 19:28 - Her favorite podcasts
  • 20:35 - Helen Zaltzman’s Podcast Support group she’s a part of
  • 24:17 - The meaning of bird calls and songs
  • 28:38 - How anyone can learn the meaning of the sounds birds make
  • 30:57 - How she is able to determine the type of bird by their sound
  • 34:52 - Combining her husband’s love of photography with her love of bird watching
  • 38:08 - Her husband joining her on the podcast to talk about their trip to Antarctica to penguin watch
  • 40:29 - If penguins are classified as birds
  • 44:51-  Her Facebook group
  • 46:37 - What inspired her to start her podcast
  • 53:05 - What the most challenging thing has been for her as a podcaster
  • 58:35 - How she would like to build and grow her podcast going forward
  • 1:02:01 - Audio drama podcasts
  • 1:03:54 - Something she’s changed her mind about recently
  • 1:06:18 - The most misunderstood thing about her

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/suzy-buttress-interview

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Joe Pardo is the host of The Business Podcast and co-creator of the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference or MAPCON which debuted in 2015.  Super Joe, as he’s currently referred to, is also the author of four books, a speaker, and has a knack for designing nifty t-shirts people want to wear. 

He was turned on to event planning from a young age watching his grandfather put on vendor events in the 80’s and he later started to put together his own LAN parties for video gamers.  After attending a conference in Florida and speaking with Lou Mongello and Jared Easley of Podcast Movement, he got the idea of starting his own podcasting conference for the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

  • 07:26 - The idea behind my Podcast Junkies t-shirts
  • 08:50 - Joe’s Mic Dropper shirt and creating shirts people want to wear
  • 11:18 - His MAPCON shirts
  • 14:01 - The origins of MAPCON
  • 22:37 - His knack for being a very generous host
  • 25:23 - What sets his conference apart from other podcast conferences
  • 26:43 - The “Dating Game” panel they created with podcast coaches & new podcasters
  • 28:13 - MAPCON’s, “Create a Podcast on the Fly” contest
  • 29:04 - One of the things he had to learn to improve MAPCON
  • 31:28 - Adding another day to MAPCON 2018
  • 32:54 - What drew him to DJ’ing early on in his life
  • 35:42 - When I first started DJ’ing
  • 38:46 - Joe’s Adventurtorium album and how it led him to start podcasting
  • 41:10 - His experience editing audio and how he got the idea for his podcast
  • 46:01 - The different types of series he’s done on his show
  • 47:29 - The new series he just launched
  • 49:21 - A common theme he’s noticed in his conversations on The Dreamers podcast
  • 51:57 - What drives him to keep writing books
  • 54:47 - His new book, Sales Won’t Save Your Business
  • 56:09 - Joe talks about the three other books he’s written
  • 1:00:14 - Joe’s two pieces of advice for content creators
  • 1:02:02 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 1:04:31 - The one most misunderstood thing about him

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Joe-Pardo-interview

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Named one of the best podcasts of 2017 by The Atlantic, The Adventures of Memento Mori, by D.S. Moss, is about death and living a more meaningful and purposeful life. By exploring the science, mysticism, and culture around death, D.S. takes the big elephant in the room and puts it front and center so you’re forced to face this subject that is taboo to so many people.

With topics that range from communicating with the dead, ego death and ayahuasca, to your digital afterlife, The Adventures of Memento Mori, will have you start looking at life and death in a whole new light.

  • 06:12 - What The Adventures of Memento Mori is all about
  • 07:43 - The story behind starting his podcast
  • 10:55 - The process he took in formulating the show
  • 12:28 - If his friends worried once they found out what his podcast was about
  • 14:01 - Talking about the idea of dying in his first episode
  • 14:46 - Advanced Directives and why it’s important that you have one
  • 15:47 - Whether or not it was important for him to have a personal connection to the                                topics he set out to cover
  • 17:48 - His experience in putting together the Psychedelic Ego Death/Ayahuasca                                    episodes (#13 & #14)
  • 19:58 - My practice of ayahuasca
  • 21:16 - Being bothered by consumerism and waste post-ayahuasca
  • 22:23 - Being named one of the best podcasts (#31) of 2017 by The Atlantic
  • 26:16 - My interview with Andrew Mason and his product, Descript
  • 28:00 - His workflow and overlaying his show on top of the Freakonomics formula
  • 29:03 - If he’s been able to meet any of his podcast heroes as a result of his show
  • 30:18 - Being surrounded by podcasters in New York City
  • 32:14 - Podcast conferences and the benefits I find in attending them
  • 35:39 - The shows he was listening to when he came up for the idea of his podcast
  • 38:05 - A group of people who thought his show got too personal
  • 41:05 - One of the reasons he did psychedelics and tried to transcend ego 
  • 41:52 - Where he was born and the different places he has lived
  • 42:19 - Living in his favorite city - New York City
  • 43:56 - The missteps he encountered when he started to promote his show
  • 48:20 - Not feeling natural promoting his show in the social media space
  • 51:04 - Something he’s changed his mind about
  • 53:09 - The most misunderstood thing about him

Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/D.S.-Moss-interview

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